Testimonies from the Friday night miracle service 15/06

‘Praise the Lord! I just want to say, a few weeks ago I had a bit of a black out and just fell down for about 30 seconds. I was unconscious, I didn’t know what happened. I spoke to the doctors and the doctors said they need to check my heart and they said they have to do a test. The test was on the 18th Monday but the doctor asked me to do a blood count test with my blood, I got the results today. Before that I prayed to God, I said to God “take over this situation I don’t know what is happening but I leave it in your hands I know that you have authority over my life”. I got the results today and there’s nothing wrong with my heart and nothing wrong with the cholesterol and it’s better than last January’s test. So, I praise God for that and I believe God had done something with my life and He’s in control. Praise God! So prayer works amen and we can pray for ourselves’

‘I just want to say God is working in my life, with my children, as I’ve been coming here for a while. I rang Pastor Laurie on Sunday last week and my daughter is home with her father, Praise God! My son’s home with me and no more drugs and no more alcohol and one of the sons is in the Salvation Army church. This is my youngest son and there’s still another daughter I’d like to pray for, two lovely daughters, I believe God is working through me too. Making changes in me too and the whole family and I really believe in deliverance and really believe in the power of The Holy Spirit and healing and anything is possible with God. Never give up and never give in. It’s all through prayer amen!’

‘Hi Mike, I spoke to Anita yesterday. We took Aleisha to RNSH and had to increase the dosage of the medication. Still believing Jesus will heal her. I spoke to Pastor Laurie last night and he was going to pray for her during Judah prayers and the most amazing thing was that when we were at the hospital. Around 8pm there was sudden change in Aleisha she had colour in her face and drank juice and ate biscuits as she hadn’t eaten all day.

That’s our awesome GOD at work because the change happened before they gave her the medication.

Thanks for your prayers Nalini'

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