Steve's Testimony

I came from a strong religious catholic family. When at the age of 35-40 we were living at Pennant Hills my son started attending HDYS at Castle Hill. I was into triathlons & because HDYS did bushwalking & other outdoor activities I liked my son going there.

My son Tim was never a church kid but liked going there. HDYS was linked to Hillsong Church. I wasn’t a Christian but when I was invited to go to Hillsong to hear the sportsman Darren Beadman speak, the music blew me away. Di was praying for me along with other people who were believing for their spouses to be saved. I have been saved for 15 years now.

 I was saved when Steve Grace came to Hillsong & during the meeting kept pointing to me saying I needed to be saved. He then wanted people to come down the front but I didn’t want to go. When I decided to go, I physically couldn’t move, the devil tried to stop me. I was bawling like a baby down the front of the church. As soon as I was saved I was very keen to help new Christians in the church. I helped new Christians for 6 years. Di & I have sown into the church & we have seen a change in our lives & the people around us. I have been married 33 years which is a miracle for me. Sow into church & your life will change for the better.

Cornerstone Christian Church
member of Australian Christian Churches ACC
24 George St, Epping
NSW 2121