Excruciating pain in my right eye gone!

What an awesome GOD we have access to!!!

Well My testimony is…

Sat morning I woke up with an excruciating pain in my right eye, I suspected that I had torn my cornea, as I had injured my left eye last year.  I was praising JESUS and praying in tongues as I drove to RNSH. As my pain increased so did my praying and praising. As I was praying GOD told me to not to look to men but to him for he can give me abundantly.

Anyway the doctors after some difficulty (the first doc couldn’t see anything) and the 2nd doc found the problem after a bit of prodding. I was unable to focus with the right eye and was seeing doubles.

I went home with some eye drops and antibiotic cream. I went about my day the pain had disappeared by the time I got home. Anita rang and prayed for me.

Next morning I woke up and our GOD being a mighty GOD had healed me overnight. I have my vision back.

Praying in tongues has been helping me stay in focus on JESUS’ and his ability rather then my disability.

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