Testimonies September 2012

A father of three healed after he was given a prayer cloth. He had a rare disease & was in ICU, his condition was deteriorating fast. He was in a coma & had no chance of survival. He is healed now. Praise God!

A lady who had major surgery, was back home after five days with no complications or issues, after receiving a prayer cloth from our church!

Boil healed instantly after prayer!

After prayer & fasting, a father has come back into relationship with both his son & daughter after having no communication with them for 18 months. Praise God!

After not being able to swallow properly & having a fear of suffocating while sleeping. A member of our church is now healed & has peace, after receiving two prayer cloths, keeping them between her pillows at night!

Cornerstone Christian Church
member of Australian Christian Churches ACC
24 George St, Epping
NSW 2121