Back miraculously healed after work fall!

Back miraculously healed after work fall!

About five years ago, I came to this church seeking a healing for my back, after I had fallen at work. Pastor Laurie said there was a lady present who had a crick in her neck, and it would be healed by the end of the meeting. He was right!

I felt the warmth of a hand on my head, despite the fact that I was sitting alone. The warmth travelled to the areas I was experiencing pain - the back of my neck and down to my lower back. The next morning I rolled out of bed and it seemed that my whole back had been realigned.

Jesus healed me. That is why I can confirm to you today that miracles do happen!

Rhonda Ford

Cornerstone Christian Church
member of Australian Christian Churches ACC
24 George St, Epping
NSW 2121